York Rite Leadership Orogram


The York Rite Leadership Training Program is free of charge to the participant. The York Rite provides all training materials and the Instructors. Transportation, lodging, meals, and conference registration are the responsibility of the participant. You do not have to be a member of the York Rite to participate.

Contact S. Lane Pierce, Program Administrator, at [email protected]

Recognizing the need to prepare a core group of leaders for the York Rite, the General Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons International, General Grand Council Cryptic Masons International, and Grand Encampment of Knights Templar have formed a partnership to provide state-of-the-art leadership training to a select number of Companions, Sir Knights, and individuals connected to the Masonic family. This group of individuals is being prepared to move into leadership positions in our fraternity or to continue to hone those leadership skills they have already acquired.

The training consists of three distinct courses. The courses are generally offered at each annual Regional/Department Conference. The first course explores general leadership concepts. The second course builds upon the concepts gained in the first year course, and the third year course emphasizes development of communication skills. Our belief being that regardless of how extensive the leadership training an individual receives, that person will not be a successful or effective leader unless able to communicate that person's leadership vision.

The entire training program is provided free of charge to the participant. The only cost or investment' required of the participant is transportation, lodging, meals, and conference registration. There is no separate charge or tuition for the course itself. The York Rite provides all training materials and the instructors. Once each of the three courses is completed, successful graduates are entitled to receive a token indicating that they have satisfactorily completed the leadership program.

To enroll or participate in the program, the name of the leadership student together with contact information (address, e-mail, and telephone number) must be provided to the Leadership Program Administrator sufficiently prior to the Regional/Department Conference in order that a letter of invitation may be sent to the prospective student. It should be understood that participation in the program does not ensure that the participant or graduate will be selected for any office in the York Rite. Members at all levels are welcome but newer members are especially encouraged to participate in this program.

Leadership is a visionary means for effecting change. While much of the material is generally applicable, the addition of Masonic references and information makes it extremely applicable to the Craft. Designed to integrate solid leadership and communication skills, with a special emphasis on Masonic teaching, this program promotes classroom interaction and participation, inter­jurisdictional cross-culturalization, and development of personal relationships upon which to build a bright future for our fraternity.

What can I expect from Leadership Training?

Leadership 101 is focused on the individual and imparts the necessary skills of personal leadership development and the creation of teams.

Leadership 201 builds on 101 and introduces the student to creating and motivating 'tribes' by establishing principles and creating mission and vision statements.

Leadership 401 is currently the capstone of the leadership training program. It is a highly engaging class on how communication works and how to be an influential communicator.

Classes are to be taken in order.


During my career in the military, l took many leadership courses, and I must say that this is one of the best 1 have ever had.
- Retired Air Force Officer

I wanted to thank you for the outstanding presentation of the Leadership Part 1 program this past Saturday. You kept me engaged in the program all day which .is· quite afeat as I have been to more "leadership" training than I care to remember through the corporate world and usually have trouble staying interested after the first hour or so.
-Eminent Commander

Now that I have completed the program, I wanted to say that even though I have participated in many corporate leadership type programs, this was one of the best. I always say that if I can just learn one new thing it was worth my time. This was certainly worth my time!
- Former and current Grand Line Officer